Dr. A. F. Abdel-Aziz Mohamed

Abdel-Aziz Fatouh Abdel-Aziz Mohammed, Professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura, and Executive Manager of University Development Center, Egypt. Teaching for the undergraduate,postgraduate students and supervsion on the M.Sc.and Ph.D. students. Undergraduate courses: Theoretical courses in basic and applied biochemistry in the form of Lectures and seminars;Clinical biochemistry; Practical biochemistry (Centrifugation, Chromatogrpahy and Electrophoresis Techniques, Body Fluids, Blood and Urine Analysis). Postgraduate courses: Water and Mineral metabolism; Applied, cellular and clinical biochemistry; Practical courses in biochemistry; Drug metabolism and drug-drug Interaction; Advanced metabolism; Free radical and antioxidants in health and diseases. Hormones and signal transduction and related disorders; Lipids and lipoproteins disorders; Inborn error of metabolism.